Inherited Primitive Behaviors

by Nihil Obstat

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released August 15, 2014

Executive Production: Nihil Obstat
Co-Production by Goregiastic Records (USA)
Recorded by Victor Tavera and Edwin Arrunategui at Acuarela Studio
Engineering / Mix / Mastering by Juan Jose “Chicha” Navia
Cali – Colombia May – June / 2004
Music and Derangements by Nihil Obstat
Lyrics by Andres Felipe Bonilla y David Santos



all rights reserved


Nihil Obstat Palmira, Colombia

Formed in 1999 in the city of Palmira - Colombia; NIHIL OBSTAT is a well respected Brutal Death Metal act blending crushing riffs, grooves and skin-peeling velocity to conjure some rather infectious tunes. With two albums under the belt, the band has wrought a name for themselves among the Latin American metal underground. ... more

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Track Name: Living The Fear
I am the hunter and not the prey
I am thoughts without words
Persecutor fear
The nightmare gets worse
Living the fear
A mass hysteria reveals before me
The end comes closer...
Living the fear
But this suffering will never be enough
I feel a world hopeless
The mankind is courageless
Seeing the path in darkness
With my blood stained eyes
Prophesying and announcing
A foundation of this hell...
Living the fear
This body fleshless crowned with thorns
With the breath of a tomb remaining to us
From generation after generation
There is no hope
Only one truth...
Living the fear
I am the hunter and not the prey
I am thoughts beholding the worst
Alone in my life...
Screaming unheard
Track Name: Zero Probability
A step needed to be taken [x2]
In order to operate the engine of natural selection
Matters of choose or be chosen [x2]
Issues of survival at play
Asure inheritance by transmiting genetical code
From generation to generation
I foresee our demise
I foresee us choosing ourselves
Eliminating ourselves
All of us vanished
It seems a game of the last one standing
The so called dominant species
Is starting to mutate
Unconciebable alterations never expected
Not since we claimed to be perfect
Hostile landscape
I foresee no future
I foresee no one
I can't see our own
No chance to see a new day
Weaker day by day
Dying since our birth
Track Name: Cranial Scum
Punish my way of life
Cranial scum consuming me...
Carried away by strong fellings
Beating me... I had no choice
With morphology of a beast
Sadistic hateful scum
Resignation-sickness (anguish-doubts)
Evading all my traps with movements like a serpent
Billions of bugs devouring my guts circling in my head
Confronting this facts that I can't understand
I'm consuming in the inferno
Cannot feel my being
Is like a morphine that weakens my will
Forcing to extinguish myself
The internal wish in pieces of sorrows
Residues of an invincible undead force
The cranial scum hungry for my flesh
Strikes of terror
I will see it in his form
Opening the door to tortures and death
Pain or pleasure
All that he will see
Will be killed
It's your last time of suffering
Sickness legacy ends to the still breathing one
Track Name: Touch Of Death
The birth of life
An incounscious pact between body and soul
The awake that we all have taken
Unexpected perturbation
No life after death
In the sublime world no possible way out
Condemned by time
A shinning light devoured by darkness
Forever hidden from the outter world
Never leave
Have no fate
Cursed by doom
Meaningless [x2]
Vanishing in the shadows
Leaking poison from my veins
Victim of this painfull touch of death
Vital force flows no more
Victim of this painfull touch of death
Inside my dreams I've lost my breath as I hope for death
Disfuctional brain I'm overwhelmed
I walk in the dark can't see the light end of this path
The touch of death
I can't concieve all that I stare
Flesh has been ripped from my bones
Track Name: Repressed Brutality
Only pain puried my blames being witness of the confrontation between hatred and reason...
Repressed brutality
My hate for them even destroys my tranquility
As an orgasm without end that innoculates in me all the force
To nail my mark on their chests
The mark of the sing of my thoughts
Wandering in a world of madness where the reason has no place
Sorrounded by my rage
Manipulating my acts
Confusing my ideas
Worm-eated body
My bones now shatter and collapse
Entrails are on the outside of me
Repressed brutality unleashed in this desert of darkness
In seconds this sharp words are slicing
Heart stricken and accomplished
Decades of tortures
Brutality in my life with intense frenzy
To defeat the chains that mark our lives from the inside out
Track Name: Imperfect
Track Name: Evolved State
After the cataclism life as we know arose from a fortuitous turn
At some point something happened yet unable to describe it
Symbolical and complex bizarre events took place millions of years ago
Combination of facts
That resulted
Onto an explosion
Of life
Embryos breeding fast as the darkest epidemic
Instincts domination
Race for survival
Need to last
Of presence through
Of competence
The wiser stands
Beings with intrincated structures
Soon needed to overcome
We represent a ruined specie
Soon to be deleted
Neuronal cells grow on the brain making inteligence to appear
Demonstrating every aspect
The pollution of our evolution
Envy and greed
Need to rule
Over similars
It is known
That uncontrolled
Free will ends
On self destruction
Action - reaction - convolute - evolved state
The previous descriptions take place everywhere
The history shows it to us
Action-reaction-convolute-evolved state
Track Name: Eating Your Mind
Why? Can't you realize?
The truth is shown to your eyes
Can't watch beyond that wall
There's somethings inside you cannot speak
Hate and tears from beyond
Visions of nightmare
See no tomorrow
Look out...
This is the end of mankind
Infected life
Internal dilution
In pain and sorrow
This is the end of mankind
Shocked away
Mind consumption
Fallen down
Eating your mind
Where's the truth?
What is real?
Where's the life?
Where's the truth?
What is real?
Burn alive
Can you feel it?
In a world of fears
Born and dead
Now you feel it
It's a torture for the eternity
Where's the life? where's the truth?
What is real?
Tell me why? lost your reality?
Track Name: Not Supposed To Exist
Not supposed
To exist
As we search into the origins of our existence
Weird events appear confusing us
Grotesque scenes
A primitive humanoid abducted by unearthly entities
A blend between our primitive ancestors and a highly developed organism...
A whole new race breeding
With the only purpose to desolate everything in sight
Did we became onto a plague for our own planet?
Must we be annihilated by our own hand?
Mutations controling us
Product of a new kind
Unifiying patterns of self destruction
It's our command to reach the stars to retaliate those who transformed us into this abomination
Parents of the human race
We are the new flesh
We condition ourselves to kill them
Track Name: Mummified
He has wandered through centuries
Pursuing his inquisitor
Blindfolded with his anger
Blindfolded without dying
His death has now started
Suffocated by the bandages
Tearing the skin
Cutting to the bones
Poisoning his acts with his own blood
Lacerated - tortured - mummified
Mummified - mummified
Finally and under unmerciful tortures
The body has died
But not the soul
Mummified by the envy to possess the wisdom of the ancient ones... only their truth
Lacerated - tortured - mummified
Mummified - mummified
The hunt begins
Unleash the terror
He smells the stink of betrayal
The betrayal strengthens his anger
A trial initiates
Lacerated - tortured - mummified
Mummified [x4]
He found the guilty and the vengeance arise
This macabre dance is melting his mind
Chewing the flesh
Spitting bitter bile
Taking it's breath until the end of ends
Only red he will see
His brains will explode
Eclipsing his life
Paralyzed without conscience
Drinking the blood squashing his eyes
Final sentence dictated
Devoured pitilessly
Track Name: Hostile Landscape