by Nihil Obstat

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released August 20, 2014

Produced by Andrew Oboskalov and Stygian Crypt / Gormageddon (Russia)
Executive Production by Nihil Obstat
Recorded by Alfredo Barajas
Mix and Mastering by Juan Jose “Chicha” Navia
La Sala Estudios, Cali – Colombia. May – Oct / 2009
Music and Derangements by Nihil Obstat
Lyrics by Andres Felipe Bonilla y David Santos



all rights reserved


Nihil Obstat Palmira, Colombia

Formed in 1999 in the city of Palmira - Colombia; NIHIL OBSTAT is a well respected Brutal Death Metal act blending crushing riffs, grooves and skin-peeling velocity to conjure some rather infectious tunes. With two albums under the belt, the band has wrought a name for themselves among the Latin American metal underground. ... more

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Track Name: Inception (An Imitation Of Life)
Alive yet so lifeless
Designed for perdition
Conveyor of disgrace
Living imperfection

Defective inception
Conceived in disarray
Desensitized and cold
Execute the program

Imitate what is alive
Track Name: Deconstructive Theory
And synthetic thoughts drive us… into a deconstructive theory
Fog covers a blurred horizon… uncontrollable hysteria
Diffused view through the storm... a future so obscure
This dark view of ourselves... Is eternity defeated?

Living in an ephemeral life full of emotions
Confined piece of future lost,
These emotions create the ability to live it,
Is just one more benefit of our intellect?
Pushing technology for our own torture

Probabilities of survival are almost none
On this depleted planet, all resources misused
Depopulation is now imminent

Brought to this world against our will
To the arid lands infected in faults
Bred, Born and raised as slaves
Loading the bitter yoke of this curse

A curse that has corrupted each mental state
Each weakness, each desire,
Each ability, will disappear
As a blow of lividity feeding our perversity

Our harmful and deconstructive lifestyle
That corrodes our primitive instincts

And the depths of our bowels reflecting our hate in the spoils of the dead ones,
As they drag their feet for the Earth consuming the putrid meat of our own abhorrence.
Track Name: Monolith Of Lies
Images created within these pages
Perhaps are ideas of my ill mind
- Infected thoughts disseminated
All creatures are feeling their symptoms
- They'll make rip the skins of their bodies
Revealing their true human form

Enjoying myself as I consume
The flesh of your knowledge [x2]

We are unstable creators with the ability
To build and then exonerate our thoughts
Shifting forward on a path of derangement
To trespass and dismember the threshold of reality

Before this monolith of lies
Delightful defacement
Before this monolith of lies
Behaviors deviate
Before this monolith of lies
Execute the anthropophagi
Before this monolith of lies
- A breach on reality

From the confinement of the flesh
Thoughts cannot be taken away
No words come clear from this
Decrepit denaturalized mind
Track Name: Disintegration
Psyche, where your eyes can't penetrate
Psyche, an unbearable burden
Psyche, echoes I can't understand
Psyche, chronic biological dysfunction

Reactions of a life form strained by horror
Dwelling inside this immense universe
Blasting repercussions made of repetitions
Confined in silence, pain and laments

Psyche, combustion started from within
Psyche, cremation burning the skull
Psyche, separation into particles
Psyche, chronic biological dysfunction

Random reflections... illness inhabiting this being
Traveling deep into the subconscious
Descending into a chronic biological dysfunction

Disintegration is merely the start of a new state of existence
Chronic biological dysfunction
Where all deviation is purged, cleaned, purified
Chronic biological dysfunction

Inertial evolution unaware of space or time, constructing mind shapes
Conforming signals, never repeated... never the same
Chronic biological dysfunction.
Track Name: Threshold
As we shift forward across the threshold
We leave behind an existence full of limitations
An intense radiation of particles is consuming our eyes
Evaporating the skin, exterminating all organic tissue

[Chorus (x2):]
Purge… Defective humans
Purge… Matter involved
Purge… Condensed conditions of this stagnation

Threshold of imperfection to decimate restrictions
-Reject limitations
Threshold of imperfection to decimate restrictions
-Obliterate ourselves
Threshold of imperfection to decimate restrictions
Filtering the results of this existence devoided of all reason

[Chorus (x2)]

As we take conscience of our human limitations
We become aware of concepts previously unknown

Loathe the flesh, loathe the soul, and accept existence
In a spastic explosion fissuring the space
To purify this earth, to cleanse this human waste
Step forward and believe, step forward and give yourself
Track Name: Turbulence Of Primary Forces
Earth orbits around the sun
A rhythm created from noise
Clouds create patterns against the sun-lit sky
The patterns never are the same

Turbulence of primary forces
Implosion, absurd density achieved
True dimensions are now liberated
Generating the blast of a thousand suns

Man is a device, a creature designed to create
To create, build and compose
To ruin, devastate and remove
With the strength …Of primary forces

Burnt by the light of a thousand suns
Vaporized by the heat of a thousand suns

Human population ceasing to exist
Water extracted from the bodies
Atmosphere consuming their lungs
A red intense glow dispels the firmament
How this creature could mislead its way?
How could this creature consume itself?

Burnt by the light of a thousand suns
Vaporized by the heat of a thousand suns

Burnt, erased, cleansed, removed
Track Name: Unleash The Anger
Don’t close your eyes to the horror
Don’t close your mind to the pain
In the beginning nothing existed
Only the emptiness reigned cold as steel
The chaos waited for its brutal reaction.

Into the dark spiral where all concepts are conceived
Deciphering the enigma of the matter
Conscious of this defect of unethical creation
Now I foresee our own demise.
Unleash the anger - It's our last breath.

The result of this dysfunction is a pile of cadavers
Tied to the fight between evolution and involution
An only thought to unleash the anger
The weak survives… the stronger evolves.

Unleash the anger - It's our last breath.
Track Name: Misanthropic Dysfunction
The world ignores another victim
Misanthropy… our unsociable condition
Manifesting aversion… to the human contact

Centuries... of abhorrence (by the torment we create)
Return... to the ashes of life (by the torment we create)

Human blood devours intelligence
DNA code entwined disarray!!!

A sordid wretched dream, monstrous mankind

Incoherent science! A high price for a passion so intense

Misanthropic dysfunction… Constantly change evolution

Time lapses - Slowly
Space stretches - Crushing
Primary substance - Emanating
Destructive energy - Accumulating
Horrific memories, of our unsociable condition
Misanthropic dysfunction... The ashes of life

Vision is clear, trying to focus
On the fact of our monstrous mankind
Overshadowed by the weight of this grief
This is the era, this is the time
A new chaotic dawn arrives...

Self driven instincts of destruction
Onward to the dark hole of extinction
Track Name: Vexated Syndrome
Born from natural process
The origin of the elemental matter

All the living beings born already dead
An intricate and complex syndrome
To release our evolutionary disease
Compelling our elimination

Waiting… for their impending doom
Waiting… for their chain reaction

We are the effect of this devastating entity
Pure remains of nature of the matter

Sordid vexated syndrome
With prophetic visions beyond the time
A malicious terror uncontrolled
Causes the collision of primary energy
Giving origin to destructive forces reign

Upgrade this obsolete being
Bound to elemental matter
And free ourselves from this demise
And praise a new humanity
Track Name: Irrationality
Everything is gone... Turned into dust

Pulse still beats deep inside
Accept the chaos embracing a new life
Humanity commits another fault
One chapter closes, another begins
Our Misery is consequence of disregard

Instinct – of survival is strong... None to trust (all is gone)
Fragmented - Distorting the horizon... None to trust (all is gone)
Non-existence - is the reality that mankind tastes... None to trust (all is gone)

We've become synthesized… Scope of reality decays
This is a disease [x3]

Caused by the fact that our reason is wrong
From the brain confusion shivers downs the spine,
Feeling paralyzed by irrationality, now we're dead... we won't resurrect

The scars of our irrationality
Are proofs of a deformed reality?
Slaying the masses unmercifully…
Consuming with pleasure their spoils.